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Rest, Read, Relax

It’s Sunday today. I was so excited to just stay home and “do nothing”. I have been on the go all week and I needed some “do nothing” time. It’s ironic though how in the wanting to do nothing, things get done. But not the “have to’s” and “I need to’s”.

Once I gave myself permission to do nothing, I suddenly felt inspired to do some things. But those things were things I wanted to do, not the things I felt obligated to do.

So in the doing nothing I washed my dog, completed a project, and went out to lunch. Upon returning from lunch I noticed my thought; “now to rest, read, and relax”. I also noticed a smile come to my face, and a calm feeling wash over me. Ah! yes, rest, read, and relax.  And then, seemingly out of no-where, I felt inspired to write this blog post because I realized that in the allowing (allowing myself to rest, read, and relax) came the inspiration. 

As therapists we talk a lot about self care and encourage our Clients to take time to rejuvenate and replenish their energies and their spirits. We talk a lot about how we cannot be there for others unless we are there for ourselves first. As therapists, we try to follow the same principles. But as humans we don’t always succeed. That is why I am sharing this; because in the application of self-care principles I had the direct experience of the benefits of self-care, which makes it more valid when I encourage others. I know it works. Self-care in what ever form it takes for you will bring benefits. If you are worried about not being productive, it will help you be more productive. If you are worried about being selfish, it will help you be more compassionate and giving. 

In allowing myself to rest, read, and relax I was given the gift of inspiration and space within to feel joy and excitement. So don’t be afraid to rest, read, and relax. Who knows what inspirations will be born of a day of permission to just be.

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