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Fear and Vibrational Immunity

In this new reality existential fears may be overwhelming and crippling. It’s safe to say that no one, regardless of their situation, can escape the effects of the Corona Virus Pandemic. It has swept in like a storm that we cannot control and just need to brace for.

In the face of this Pandemic you may have mixed feelings. Maybe you finally have mental space and time to blog, create, or get some long needed rest. At the same time there may be a part of you that is holding fear just under the surface. If we are not careful, the “what ifs” and “if onlys” can take shelter in our minds and feed on all past reminders that signal; “I am not safe”.

These fear thoughts become noise that is difficult to quiet and can trigger the fight/flight/freeze part of our brain that propagates more fear. When that happens even the positive feelings we may have had, are overtaken by the storm.

Just like a virus, fear is a contagion and can easily become a pandemic itself if we are not careful. Fear can cause our physical and vibrational immunity to weaken. For those of us who are sensitive, empathic, or simply open hearted and compassionate, taking on other peoples fears and worries, as well as our own, can effect the quality of our vibration and therefor our physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. Fear cannot take residence in an environment of love and stillness.

So how do we build up our vibrational immunity so that fear cannot take over? There are many ways to work with emotions and manage your energy and these are just a few.

  1. Acknowledge the fear. You may be tempted to distract yourself in order to drown out the fear thoughts and avoid the painful feelings that are triggered, and that’s okay for a while. But emotions are like a child having a tantrum, they need to be heard and acknowledged. Acknowledge the fear by simply observing it and/or having a dialogue with it. Acknowledge that it is the frightened part of you that needs to feel safe.

  2. Focus on where fear is in your body. Observe what it feels like, notice its colors and shapes, notice if an image or tought comes to you as you focus on it, and even what messages the fear may have for you. If you can’t imagine or visualize, that’s okay, just focus on where the fear sensation is in the body and breathe love into it.

  3. You can also put your hand on your heart to help calm the breath and activate the love center. This releases Oxytocin, a neurotransmitter that promotes feelings of love and bonding.

  4. Finally, thank your fear for trying to protect you and breathe deeply. Remember that in this moment, all is well.

As we adjust to a new world fear will come up, but it does not have to take residence. Transforming the vibration of fear takes effort, but the benefits are well worth the effort.

*****If at any time you really are in danger please act immediately to get yourself to safety.

Disclaimers: The information in the blog posts are my opinion only and are not meant to be a substitute for therapy, counseling, advice giving or therapeutic intervention. You are always free to agree or disagree, accept or not accept any of the ideas expressed here. They are for educational purposes only. If you need help, please contact a qualified professional. Responding to comments: Please note that while I welcome responses to the blog posts, I will not be able to respond to or provide therapy, counseling or guidance of any kind through the web site. If you are in need of help, please contact a qualified professional directly

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