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Why Dove Spirit

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

The name Dove Spirit came to me one day as I heard the cooing of a dove. I have always been soothed by their smooth, rhythmic cooing. It instantly melts away stress and puts a smile on my face.

No matter how absorbed in my ego I become, the dove’s cooing always touches a deep core space within me. It directs me back to a calm and simple place within that is untouched by the business and chaos of life.

The Dove symbolizes peace, hope, love, and purity. Underneath all the noise of our minds and our daily responsibilities lives place of peace, hope, love, and a purity of heart that we all seek. To me the Dove Spirit reminds us that we are more than our problems, that we are connected to something beyond who we think we are.

The name Dove Spirit is a daily reminder that what we seek is already within us.

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